Trainings and Events

Over the course of this unique collaboration, Alliance partners have conducted a series of trainings and events to ensure that community leaders have the information, tools, and resources necessary to make the link between health policymaking and disparities reduction. This page lists both upcoming and past events that the partner organizations have sponsored. For more information on each event, please contact the sponsoring organization directly.
Throughout this partnership, the Alliance and its partner organizations have worked together on several other projects, including:

  • The development of a list of community leaders interested in participating in health policymaking, especially around health disparities issues;
  • The preparation and dissemination of several publications explaining the impact that health policymaking and public programs have on minority communities;
  • The provision of strategic and technical assistance to community leaders around health disparities issues; and
  • Outreach to minority media outlets.

Upcoming Trainings and Events
Past Trainings and Events